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Scientists used to say in the past that ONLY MATTER EXISTED, nothing else. Great systems of philosophy arose based on the concept that only matter existed. Nowadays science has changed: it says that only energy, not matter exists.

This phenomenon of energy, this nonmaterial energy force, has been known by mystics since long ago in the Vedas, in the Bible, in the Koran, in the Upanishads - all over the world mystics have penetrated into existence and have always concluded that matter is just appearance; deep down there is no matter, only energy. With this science now agrees. And the mystics have said one thing more which science has yet to agree with - but which it will have  to agree one day! The mystics have come to another conclusion also. They say that when you penetrate deep into energy, ENERGY ALSO DISAPPEARS AND ONLY CONSCIOUSNESS REMAINS.

So these are the three layers. Matter is the  first layer, the surface. If you penetrate the surface then the second layer becomes apparent: You can perceive the second layer which is energy. Then if you penetrate energy, the third layer is consciousness.

In the beginning, science said that mystics were just dreaming, because science saw only matter and nothing else . Then science tried to penetrate, and the mystics' second layer was uncovered: matter is just apparent - deep down it is nothing but energy. And penetrate more into energy and energy also disappears, then there remains only consciousness. That consciousness is God. That is the deepest core


The mind takes the negative, accumulates it and becomes negative itself. And then this is a self-perpetuating misery. The more negativities you have within the mind, the more negative you become, the more negatives are accumulated. The similar attracts the similar, and this has been for lives and lives. You miss everything because of your negative approach.

You go on carrying your misery with you, and wherever you move you will be with yourself. Only one change, only one revolution, only one mutation can be there, and that is if your mind changes from negative to positive. If your outlook is focused on misery, you will live in hell; if your outlook is focused on happiness, the very hell becomes the heaven. Try this! This will change your very quality of life.

But you are interested in quantity. You are interested in how to get more rich - in quantity, not in quality. You can have two houses and two cars, a bigger bank account, many things. But your quality remains the same, and richness is not of things. Richness is of the quality of your mind, of your life. Even a poor man can be a rich man as far as quality is concerned, and even a rich man can be a poor man.

Almost always this is the case, because a person concerned with things and quantity is totally unaware that a different dimension is there within him - the dimension of quality. And that dimension changes only when your mind is positive.

With a negative mind, everything is wrong - not that it is wrong; it is wrong because a negative mind can see only what is wrong. Conversely, everything is beautified by a positive mind.

There are many moments when heaven is just near you, but you are so attached and involved with the hell that you go on missing the heaven. The sun rises, the flowers open, the birds sing, and the breeze blows through the trees. It is happening! A small child looks at you with innocent eyes, and a subtle feeling of bliss enters into you; or someone smiles and you feel blissful.

Once you can feel that the positive leads you to a different world because YOU become different, you are not going to leave it. The whole emphasis will have changed from negative to positive. Then you look at the world in a different, a new way.

Look at it this way: A madman cannot understand  you. It is impossible for a madman to understand you; he looks through his madness. But you can understand a madman. He is lower than you. The normal human being can understand abnormals who have gone below, pathological, but he cannot understand higher ones. A Buddha can understand you, but you cannot understand him.

YOU ARE NOT YOUR MIND: by OSHO - Book of Secrets

And not only are you not your body, you are not your mind either. You can become aware of your mind also. If thoughts move, you can see them, and you can do something with them: you can make  them disappear completely, you can become thoughtless. Or, you can concentrate your consciousness on one thought and not allow it to move from there. You can focus yourself on it and make it remain there. Or, you can allow a river-like flow  of thoughts. You can do something with your thoughts. You can even dissolve them completely until there is no thought - but still you are. You will know that there are no thoughts, that a vacuum has come into being; but you will be there, witnessing that vacuum.

The  only thing you cannot separate yourself from is your witnessing energy. That means you are that. You cannot separate yourself from it. You can separate  yourself from everything else: you can know that you are not your body, not your mind, but you cannot know that you are not your witnessing energy because whatsoever you do you will become the witness. You can not separate yourself from witnessing. That witnessing is consciousness.

Who are you? If you close your eyes and try to find out who you are, ultimately you are bound to come to a conclusion that you are consciousness.

The body belongs to you, but you can be aware of the body - and that which is aware of the body becomes separate. The body becomes an object of knowledge and you become the subject. You can know your body. Not only can you know, you can manipulate your body, you can activate it or make it inactive. You are separate. You can do something with your body.


What I am just at this moment is the effect of the sum total of all the impressions of all my past lives. This is really what is meant by character; each man's character is determined by the sum total of these impressions. If good impressions prevail, the character becomes good, if bad, it becomes bad. If a man continuously hears bad words, thinks bad thoughts, does bad actions, his mind will be full of bad impressions, and they will influence his thought and work without his being conscious of the fact.

In fact, these bad impressions are always at work and their resultant must be evil, and that man will be a bad man; he cannot help it. The sum total of these impressions in him will create the strong motive power for doing bad actions. He will be like a machine in the hand of his impressions, and they will force him to do evil.

Similarly, if a man thinks good thoughts and does good works, the sum total of these impressions will be good, and they, in a similar manner, will force him to do good even in spite of himself.

The whole process of character building lies with our thoughts, or to be more precise, with our will power. It is the will which needs to be trained.

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